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Hi there! 😃 I’m Nelson Aloysio R A Passos (1993), a Brazilian data science specialist and software/back-end developer.

As a developer, my experience mainly lies in automated complex network analysis and visualization, building clustering models, and scaling and optimizing ETL pipelines for deployment in production environments, mostly using Python-based technology stacks.

As a researcher, my main areas of interest lie in machine learning and graph theory. My last research focused on developing a method to map temporal communities through text-based similarity and network modularity analysis, applied to the study of large OSN data sets.

Research & development

Ongoing projects

[2021-] Data scientist at Sou Ciência–Unifesp[🇧🇷].

Supporting the development of data-driven research methods for automated information extraction, natural language processing, complex network analysis and graph visualization for case studies involving Brazilian public universities and the social perception of science, technology and higher education in the country.

Past experience

[2021-2020] Data scientist at Culture Hack Labs[🇨🇦].

Building pipelines for unsupervised clustering (sklearn, SciPy), natural language processing (NLTK, spaCy, Stanza), and complex network analysis (networkX, networKit, igraph), aimed at job orchestration (Celery, Airflow) and CI/CD (docker, k8s, skaffold) automated tasks for cloud deployment (AWS, G Cloud).

[2019-2018] Network analysis & back-end development role at The Rules Foundation[🇺🇸].

Development of unsupervised clustering methods (sklearn, sCipy), web scraping routines (bs4, Selenium) and graph analysis and visualization (Plotly, Pandas, PyPhi, Seaborn) tools for a web analytics dashboard (django/react.js).

[2017] Data analytics consultant to a presidential election[🇪🇨] campaign staff (undisclosed).

Design and automation of OSINT data crawling/scraping and aggregated analysis routines for crisis control and daily intelligence reports on social media impact among opposing parties running for Ecuadorian presidency.

[2017-2014] R&D in data analytics role at Laboratory of Internet studies and Cyberculture at Labic–Ufes[🇧🇷].

Development of CLIs and GUIs bundling data mining tools, aimed at increasing the laboratory’s research productivity and their ease of use among researchers. Data-driven research and back-end development of analytics dashboards for the Brazilian Secretariat for Human Rights (SDH/2015) and the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research (INEP/2017) [BR512017000690-3]. Studies using geo-epidemiological data on emerging arboviruses (ZKV, DENV, CHIKV) for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF/2016) and intelligence reports using OSINT for the United Nations’ Education Commission (2017). Additional experience (minor) in front-end design and visual storytelling from working in tandem with designers and web developers in the meantime.


[2022-2019] Master in Social Science @ UFES - Federal University of Espirito Santo[🇧🇷].

Thesis: Method for classification of communities in temporal networks: mapping the 2013-2018 Brazilian protests on Twitter. 2022.

[2020-2018] Postgraduate in Data Science with Big Data @ IFES - Federal Institute of Science and Technology of Espirito Santo[🇧🇷].

Monograph: Cluster analysis using Markov Cluster Algorithm and the Louvain method: a case study of Wikipedia entries. 2020.

[2017-2011] Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies @ UFES - Federal University of Espirito Santo[🇧🇷].

Bachelor’s thesis: A tool for data journalism, social network analysis and cyberspace mapping. 2018.

Conference papers


Also available (rarely) on LinkedIn.