Nelson Aloysio Reis
de Almeida Passos

PhD student in AI

University of Pisa | CNR

About me

I'm a first year PhD student in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Pisa (UniPi) and member of the High Performance Computing laboratory (HPCLab), part of the Institute of Information Science & Technologies (ISTI) of Italy's National Research Council (CNR).

My current research project, under the supervision of Dr. Emanuele Carlini and Dr. Salvatore Trani, is focused on the intersection between AI and Network Science: graph neural networks.

Research interests

  • Artificial Intelligence: deep learning, graph neural networks, self-organizing maps.
  • Network Science: cascades, community detection, dynamic graphs, hypergraphs.
  • Social Network Analysis: controversy mapping, social network dynamics.

Research activities

Ongoing projects

  • A Temporal Graph Neural Network for Dynamic Community Detection.
    PhD project started in November, 2022. Estimated completion: November, 2025.

Recent conferences and workshops